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Cyber Security Solutions

​Information security threats have reached critical and alarming levels, with a proliferation of recent attacks across the Middle East. Over the past years, we have witnessed a dramatic increase in number and type of attacks in the region, many of which are targeting large to medium corporations. Furthermore, these targeted attacks display increasing levels of sophistication and are focused on severely disrupting business operations and/or information theft.

Therefore, the needs for comprehensive Cybersecurity solutions and services to provide prevention, detection and response around-the-clock is essential for organizations in all sectors. Diyar has partnered with many highly respected vendors in this space to provide the best security solutions in the market today. Diyar's high level of certification and partnership with top vendors allows you to receive the best levels of experience and expertise.

The key advantages of Cyber Security solutions include:

  • Get a full spectrum of solutions under one roof.
  • Manage security information and events through SIEM.
  • Use vulnerability management to prevent issues.
  • Receive high email security.
  • Use whitelisting for extra security.
  • Get advanced persistence protection (APT).
  • Access next generation honeypot.
  • Get endpoint detection, response, and protection.​

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