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Smart Identity Solutions

Unified Smart IDs make it easy to keep track of employees, students, personnel, and administrators. Smart ID cards are a strategic option to increase your Enterprise security levels, ensure accountability, as well as enable several services and access levels. All over the world, governments, corporations, universities, schools, smart cities, militaries, and health organizations are implementing smart IDs using multi-application smart card technology. Diyar has been at the forefront of smart card solutions in the region and has now expanded its Smart ID offering from smart cards to smart mobile by offering smart mobile ID and enabling the digital transformation for government, business and enterprise.

Diyar offers a full smart ID solution covering all the required hardware, software, equipment, smartcards, as well as use-case related solutions. Diyar Smart ID Solutions enable you to issue and manage smart IDs and their associated credentials, such as digital certificates with PKI.

The key advantages of Smart Identity Solutions include:

  • Keep physical access under your control - secure buildings, car parks, offices, conference rooms, and so on.
  • Keep online ac​cess under your control - use smart cards to login to specific PCs and eservices.
  • Integrate with Diyar Digital Signature Solutions and Diyar Public Key Infrastructure.
  • Use a credential management system to keep everything in order.
  • Personalize cards visually and electrically (i.e. printing and chip encoding).
  • Integrate smart payments and electronic purses.​​