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Self Service Kiosks Solutions​

​Just like an ATM, self-service kiosks automate errands , payments, deliveries and paperwork. Free yourself from tending to repetitive tasks and allow our customized self-service kiosks to do them for you. Diyar Self-Service Kiosks are custom-created according to each enterprises' needs, allowing customers and employees to self-service themselves when it comes to particular administrative tasks including papers and cards, freeing up the time and attention of staff from routine paperwork to more pertinent tasks.

Diyar offers a range of self-service kiosk solutions addressing different business tasks such as document issuance, document collection, smart card issuance, and payment. Diyar Self-Service Kiosks conveniently meet the needs and use-cases of different sectors including, but not limited to, government, education, corporate, and banking.​

The key advantages of Self Service Kiosks Solutions​ include:

  • Get services through access to a wide distributed Kiosk network.
  • Attain customer satisfaction.
  • Achieve organization efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Provide services on 24/7/365 through secure, remote management and round-the-clock monitoring.