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Smart Service Stations Solutions

​Fuel Retail Business is transforming traditional Fuel Station concept to Digital Service Station, Swiftly by Technology.

Swiftec Fueling and Payment Solution is an End-to-End portfolio of fully integrated and specialized ICT Systems and Services for Fuel Retails based on state-of-the-art technology innovations, best practices and industry standards.

Introduced by Diyar United Company, Swiftec is a result of more than two decades of extensive and specialized experience in Fuel Retail Automation and Payment Business.

Fuel Retailers are challenged by various factors such as:

  • Increased Operational Costs.
  • Strong Market Competition.

Challenging Fuel Margins, are looking for solutions that help them transform their business, protect their investments, increase efficiency, customer loyalty and profitability.

SWIFTEC PROVIDES FUEL RETAILERS With PROVEN battle tested integrated SOLUTION that provides rich functionality in many areas such as:

  • Customers Management.
  • Payment Token Management.
  • Payments Authorization and Management.
  • Customer Service E-Commerce Portal & Mobile App.
  • Loyalty Management.
  • ERP Integration.
  • Open Application Interfaces.
  • Decision Support, Insights and Analytics

With our solution, we help Fuel retailers to:​​

  • Reduce Operational Costs.
  • Improve Customer Stickiness and Loyalty.
  • Increase Market Share to Lead and Expand.
  • Align with evolving Business Requirements.
  • Secure Customers’ Accounts from Frauds and Misuse.
  • Save existing Investments.
  • Explore New Streams of Revenue.
  • Provide analytic data for right and on-time Decisions.