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Storage and Backup Solutions

​Is your organization in a race to keep up with its storage needs? No matter how mature a company is, effectively managing storage based on varying needs is always a challenge. As businesses grow, there is a reliance that develops on safe storage options. Not all storage options can be trusted with highly valuable data.

With our vast experience, Diyar offers data storage management solutions to ensure storage space is available as soon as it is requested. Our end-to-end solutions provide robust backups with seamless integration that ensure your company's data is protected 24/7.

With the leading storage solution vendor at our side, we have been assisting organizations all over the Gulf region in assessing and integrating their current and future storage/backup requirements, leading to our tried-and-tested reputation for trustworthiness and capability.

Our solutions include Storage, Replication, Deduplication Systems, Converged Systems, Hyper-Converged Systems, Metro Clusters, Stretched Clusters.

The key Advantages of Storage and Backup Solutions include:

  • Automate your data storage and backup.
  • Integrate software, hardware, and appliances in one end-to-end system; on premise and on the cloud.
  • Vary your storage depending on your business needs.

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