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Secure Identity Solutions​

With so much personal information that is shared and stored locally and publicly, much information can be misused or misplaced. It has now become mandatory to secure your organization ICT environment and protect the identity of the users in order to maintain integrity and trust.

Diyar's Secure Identity Solutions include identity management, single sign-on, privilege access management, and multi-factor authentication among many other solutions.​

We can help you maintain the highest levels of security within your company, and track and control the flow of information, from where, to whom, and when. Productivity is boosted on a company-wide scale when staff no longer have to worry about remembering different passwords or face any security compromise, and can get on with their responsibilities.​

The key advantages of Secure Identity Solutions include:

  • Comply to global security system standards with in-depth auditing and reporting.
  • Prevent window spoofing to avoid getting hacked.
  • Manage and record user sessions.
  • Single sign-on to simplify access of multiple applications.