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Managed Compute

Enhance corporate services by developing and maintaining reliable and accessible ICT services. Diyar’s Managed Compute Services are robust server and virtual machines -oriented services that include the assessment and review of your ICT Compute infrastructure, including hardware, operating systems, and virtualization requirements. By selecting Diyar as your trusted partner, you get peace of mind and top-of-the-line ICT support.

Managed Compute services ensures that your Compute Services support and scale to the Business Requirements and the Business Services that your Enterprise is providing to its clients. We combine the science, process knowledge and technology to help you achieve your business goals and keep Up To Date with the advancements in information technology.

The key advantages of Managed Compute​ include:

  • Managed Compute enables your Enterprise to meet the Business Requirement and ensure that the Compute Services are:
  • Available.
  • Efficient.
  • Scalable.
  • Secure.
  • Well Managed.
  • And Cost Effective.

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