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National Identity Solutions

With an increasing threat of fraud, identity theft and illegitimate documents, there is a rising need to tap into advanced smart technologies to protect the integrity of the identity. Governments are adopting secure, smart, biometric identity solutions to provide its citizens and residents with authentic, secure and impossible to reproduce identity documents that can be used as a proof of identity in the physical world or in the virtual digital world.

Identities such as national ID cards, resident ID cards, driving licenses, and electronic passports, are becoming part of the global interconnected ecosystem for advanced nations. These Identity Cards/Documents need to provide highest levels of currency grade security, store the biometric data, hold the digital identity and safely store other personal data on that Identity Card/Document. Also the Identity Cards/Documents need to be issued and managed through highly secure and specialized solutions that are integrated with many national homeland security systems.

Diyar has had a history of happy clients that keep coming back for more solutions. Through its National Identity projects, Diyar has successfully implemented smart solutions that are at the highest levels of quality and security and in record time.

Our National Identity solutions comes with a systems approach in which the entire Identity lifecycle is managed at your fingertips. Processes like enrolment, personalization, distribution, renewal, self-service and integration with national PKI have all become smooth and efficient.

The key advantages of National Identity Solutions include:

  • Get an end-to-end secure ID suite that includes: biometric enrollment, personalization, ID documents issuance, ID delivery system, and secure lifecycle management. ​​
  • Make your ID using industry standard materials for smart cards and electronic passports.​​
  • Rest assured knowing that Diyar National ID Solutions utilizes public key infrastructure (PKI) throughout the ID management process.​
  • Integrate this solution with: audit and reporting systems, legacy systems, online registration and application portals, appointment systems, and application status checks. ​​
  • Issue, renew, and deliver IDs with Diyar Self-Service Kiosks.​​