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Application Integration Solutions

Use the power of connected networks to make day-to-day information exchange faster, more secure, and more seamless. Diyar offers you a way to exchange information–more rapidly and securely than ever.

The integration of applications and data within your organization as well as with your business partners, is one of the most critical components that keep an enterprise ahead of the competition. With companies undergoing different degrees of digital transformation, companies are now becoming more aware of the need to have strong integration capabilities. With the rise of Internet of Things (IoT), more and more devices have a digital presence. With such complexity, point to point integration can become a hassle. Diyar offers Oracle’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solutions to integrate all your enterprise’s applications.

The key advantages of Application Integration Solutions include:

  • Enhance systems and data security.
  • Use integration to increase scalability, flexibility, and functionality.
  • Reduce the cost of change by having reusable services.
  • Eliminate point-to-point integrations between systems.
  • Monitor and evaluate your business even more closely and provide better visibility into business processes.
  • Unify communication by building an SOA governance strategy within organizations and across organizations.