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Smart Mobile Solutions

​Apps are the ideal way to design the best user experience and to keep your business accessible to anyone with a smartphone. Diyar's experience with an array of clients from many industries allows its experts to understand the needs of each business and flexibly cater to those needs. By making use of existing hardware, cameras, Bluetooth, and GPS capabilities are now grafted in the application process to enhance the delivered experience. Fully integrable with Beacon technologies allows for even more seamless interactions. We have an in-depth ability of integrating the newest apps with the rest of your business.

Diyar offers a range of smart mobile app solutions addressing different business needs. Diyar Smart Mobile Solutions integrate with different backend platforms and focus on engaging user experiences, development of user-friendly app interfaces, and offering well-performing builds. The Diyar Mobile Development team is certified by Microsoft, and hold highly respected iOS and Android UDACITY certifications.​​