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Smart Workflow Automation Solutions

Diyar Business Process Automation Solutions transform businesses from paper-based manual environments, to paperless digital entities. Reduce the risk of requests being lost or misplaced by automating process workflows. Thus, the chance of errors in the request process are minimized. With a tighter grasp over the lifecycle of all company processes, a higher level of security, privacy, and availability is generated. Customize your workflow, the delegation of tasks, and audit your business and its users with utter simplicity.

Diyar’s Electronic Processing System is a business process management solution that allows organizations to define, manage, and control the complete lifecycle of all processes.

The key advantages of Smart Workflow Automation Solutions​ include:

  • Create customized rules, validations, and exceptions for your business processes.
  • Access a wide range of bilingual web and smartphone applications through iOS, Android, and web browsers.
  • Customize push notifications.
  • Integrate business processes with internal systems, external services, and Diyar Digital Signature for documents and transaction signing.
  • Manage, scan, digitally sign, index, and attach documents to requests.
  • Index and search documents with metadata, and integrate them within content management systems.
  • Get comprehensive reports for the different processes.
  • Analytical dashboards for KPIs to measure processes, users, and employees’ performance.
  • Make ad hoc enquiries for documents’ status, details, and history.
  • Secure connections to the system through SSL certificates.​

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