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Digital Signature Solutions

Digital documents are replacing paper documents, electronic business services are substituting manual office services, and electronic forms are now viable alternatives for paper forms. Digital Signatures are now central in guaranteeing integrity during seamless document exchanges and online transactions.

Diyar Digital Signature Solution is a pioneer in catering towards companies who are seeking to join the global digital transformation that is occurring. The Solution supports multiple signing models including local signing as well as the increasingly popular remote signing, which are flexible to various government and business needs. Digital signatures safeguard and facilitate the safe exchange of digital data by assuring its authenticity and integrity to both sender and receiver.​​​ ​​​

The key advantages of Digital Signature Solutions​ include:

  • Comply with GCC electronic transaction laws and decrees.
  • Get support from standard Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
  • Use a variety of standard applications such as Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office.
  • Integrate with customer corporate applications.
  • Securely store credentials in supported tokens such as national ID smartcard, corporate smart cards, mobiles, and other secure eTokens.
  • Benefit from two-factor (strong) authentication for key activation including mobile and OTP.