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Managed Workplace Services

Drive productivity and employee engagement by managing your workplace effectively, efficiently and securely through Diyar Managed Workplace Service. Our service ensures that your Workplace equipment, peripherals, applications and services are up-to-date and meet the requirements of the end user workload.

Through Diyar Managed Workplace Services, we manage your desktops, PCs, workstations, laptops, peripherals, desktop applications and services to ensure that you achieve and exceed your organization’s goals. We implement latest technologies and best in class support services to enhance your workplace experience.

The key advantages of Managed Workplace Services include:

  • Implement information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) policies and procedures for your workplace.
  • Design and configure desktop policies, and build standard configurations and standard software images.
  • Update the configuration management database (CMDB) with workplace information of assets, users, locations, applications, and more.
  • Effectively Manage the Workplace availability, performance, security and scalability in compliance with company workplace policies.

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