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Hospital Information Systems

​A sense of urgency pervades everything that happens in a hospital. There is pressure to deliver high quality care at tight cost constraints. Hence, up-to-date healthcare technologies are absolutely crucial. This is why Diyar prides itself on working with tested and tried world-leading partners.

The Hospital Information System (HIS) centralizes current and lifetime patient medical information in a single, secure, and simultaneously available source accessed by the physicians and healthcare providers.​

With such a shift, large outcomes in the hospital environment follow. Patients can receive faster and more effective treatments, Health Records are protected and securely available online, with the ability to generate deep macro statistics for stakeholders at a whim. The platform digitally connects hospitals' clinical, administrative, and ancillary departments, replacing manual/paper-based workflows with a state-of-the-art, fully integrated HIS that strengthens the entire care continuum.​

The key advantages of Hospital Information Systems include:

  • Automate and streamline clinical workflows and drive operational efficiency.
  • Eliminate manual data entry errors, patient misidentification, wrong specimen labeling, through medical device integration, and automation.
  • Achieve efficient staffing and utilization of clinical teams.
  • Get helpful analytics and reporting capabilities through executive dashboards designed to monitor overall hospitals performance (Operational, Quality, and Costs/Financial Overviews).
  • Secure patients' medical information confidentiality through the role-based access provided to the system's users.
  • Integrate the hospital departments into a unified digital health environment.
  • Achieve a paperless environment through driving the organization wide adoption of the system.
  • Empower the hospital to achieve worldwide recognized accreditations such as JCI and Canadian Accreditation.​​​