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Call Center and CRM Solutions

​Your customers are your biggest assets. Not only does their experience reflect on your business, but you also have a lot to gain from each and every interaction you have with them. Through Diyar Contact Center Solutions you can optimize your customer service and gather data to help your team to constantly improve. Manage customer relationships and contacts; get a 360 view of each customer while on call/chat, presenting relevant data along with the contact history all in an aggregated useful manner. Agents are empowered to settle calls more effectively, and satisfy clients.

Your CRM powered contact center is central to your business interfacing with the world at large - starting from providing information, to solving problems, capturing data, and researching innovative ways to better serve new and existing customers. Through Diyar's solutions , you will get all the help needed to setup your call center as a turnkey job, full implementation of the CRM to match your business requirements as well as a variety of specific customer interaction applications tailored to your needs. An optimized contact center efficiently fields day-to-day operations including telephone calls, emails, live chat, web queries, social media posts, messages, and comments.​​​

The key advantages of Call Center and CRM Solutions include:

  • Reduce response times and resolution times by empowering agents to wield hyper-effective software and technology.
  • Apply configurable call scripts to allow for more driven, governed, and standardized responses and customer support.
  • Extend contact center capabilities through integration with internal systems such as finance & billing.

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