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Asset Lifecycle Management

Buying, managing, and maintaining ICT equipment, assets and applications is a constant job – with Diyar’s assistance, gain a full grasp over all your assets. ​

Diyar can help you manage your ICT assets before downtime becomes a thought in the user’s mind. Whether you’re an established enterprise or just a startup, we can make sure you have the right ICT assets and equipment for your needs. We can help you manage your assets, expand, replace, refresh and/or dispose of them.

We will implement adequate processes to manage asset lifecycle and supports your business requirements. We can offer you to lease ICT assets, instead of buying them, so that your business is even more efficient!.​​

The key advantages of Managed Asset Services include:

  • Get live information about your assets and inventory at your fingertips.
  • Comply with international standards for your documented policies and procedures.
  • Tag and label assets with Diyar's barcode solutions.
  • Keep the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) uptodate.
  • Manage and Maintain asset lifecycle in conformance and compliance with ICT policies.
  • Manage consumables.