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In this world where information gathering and distribution is fundamental to the survival of many organizations and governments, the need for information management and processing are becoming increasingly important. Governments and private organizations spend an enormous amount of capital on developing complex systems to gather information from citizens and clients.

Our Solution can manage, control, gather, and share information easily, efficiently, and economically


Those extensive complex systems for gathering information tend to be heterogeneous in their nature and fail to interact efficiently and seamlessly among each other. This results in inconsistencies in the organization’s information repository, and causes failures in communicating effectively and efficiently with end-users (client, citizen, partner, etc.).


As a result, end-users face the following complications when communicating with organizations:

  • Inconsistent and slow manual workarounds and a proliferation of generic forms that do not match users’ needs

  • An inability to extend the use of applications beyond core users and outside the organization

  • An inability to manage processes that need to incorporate data from multiple systems

  • An unfriendly user environment that requires users to be connected to the systems in order to complete transactions

With Adobe Smart Forms solution, these complications can be overcome because it enables you to manage, control, gather, and share information easily, efficiently, and economically.

Diyar United Company’s Implementation of Adobe Smart Forms solution, provides governments and organizations the ability to create intelligent forms embedded with all the business logic and validations required by regulations in a self-contained PDF file. The Adobe Smart forms will have the same look and feel of the physical document, in addition to all the business logic and validation which enhances the user’s experience and the data capturing process. The forms are fully secured, and a number of usage rights and privileges can be applied to them. Adobe Smart forms can be easily opened with the free and accessible Adobe Reader.

In addition, Adobe Smart Forms provides the ability to store the smart form’s filled-in information in a 2D barcode. The information can later be retrieved automatically and as a result, manual key entry is completely eliminated.



With Adobe Smart Forms’ wide range of solutions, your organization will able to perform the following:

  • Create and generate smart dynamic forms that have the same look and feel of the original physical form and also include all business logic and validations

  • Automate the extraction of data from paper-based forms using 2-dimensional barcode technology and deliver data to backend systems seamlessly and efficiently

  • Fully secure the PDF forms with digital signatures and encryption capabilities

  • Deploy and distribute smart forms in online (as XML and HTML) or offline (rich PDF forms) operations

  • Allow collaboration among employees of the same organizations to work on the same documents

  • Automate complex business processes by using smart forms, integrating with backend systems, and using an advanced workflow system

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