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Warranty, Maintenance, and Support Services

One of the keys to our success is the Support Services that we provide to our clients, either during or after the warranty period through a Maintenance and Support Services Contract. Diyar United Company’s unique expertise in this area was earned through decades of customer service engagements and was crowned by being the first service company in the Middle East to obtain the ISO20000 Certification.

At the heart of Diyar United Company’s Support Framework are the ITIL, ISO20000, ISO27001 Support Policies and Procedures that will be implemented for our Customers’ Support Organization.

As part of the offer, we include the implementation of a fully functional support framework. Provision of the support services will be undertaken by Diyar United Company with pre-defined configurations and processes. This approach allows our customers to leverage our extensive experience in this area while gaining assurance that the support services in place will be aligned with our clients Support and Maintenance requirements.

Our Support Services cover every aspect of IT Support including Hardware, Software, Network Security, and others. We shoulder the day-to-day responsibility of managing any computing environment. We are the single point-of-contact for all our clients’ support services needs during and after the warranty period through Maintenance and Support Contracts.


  • Resources Rich. Our Service Division is staffed with more than 300 of highly qualified and trained staff in different IT Disciplines that are ready to answer your questions, resolve issues and meet your support needs.
  • Proven expertise in service processes, support methodologies, installation processes, and popular software products as Diyar United Company has attained the highest levels of service quality through the implementation of the ITIL framework.
  • ITIL, ISO20000, and ISO27001 Certification for our support service processes.
  • Industry-Leading Certification for multi-vendor parts Products and Solutions.
  • Proven expertise in the design, deployment, and support of business-critical and distributed computing environments.
  • Service delivery infrastructure and standardized processes to ensure consistency of response, and quality needs through A Systematic / Automated Procedures that will be implemented for placing Maintenance and Support calls and assigning them to support engineers and though a continuous review and measurement of our support services deliveries to ensure meeting any pre-defined Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • The expertise to support every piece of your IT environment through multiple channels: over the phone, through on-site services, or via the Web.
  • A project manager and backup project manager will be assigned specifically to ensure single point of contact and escalation for all support and service matters.
  • Major logistics setup for Inventory and all required Support tools for our support staff.

Our 24x7 helpdesk ensures business continuity for our clients, by providing fast and accurate responses to their queries.
Technical Support:
Hotline: +965-2-206-8111
Direct: +965-1-822-111 Ext : 5
Direct: +965-66822111