Diyar United Company in Kuwait provides network operators in Kuwait missed call alert solution, Intervoice Missed Call Notification for missed call alert (MCA), SMPP and UCP/EMI interface, and external SMSC.
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Intervoice Missed Call Notification

Advances in the telecommunications field and the fast-changing lifestyles of mobile subscribers are continually disrupting the service provider marketplace. Carriers are facing some of the toughest issues ever faced in the industry:

  • How can service providers increase revenue and reduce the threat of service commoditization?

  • What is the best way to future proof a network against the dramatic change from TDM to IP and IMS?

  • What can be done to improve subscriber loyalty and service commitment?

  • How can a mobile carrier best leverage its significant investment in transport technologies (3G, WiMax, WiFi, SIP, IMS, etc...)?

Our Solution offers an extremely valuable tool in supplementing voicemail to provide the highest possible levels of call completion


Faced with these issues, carriers are always searching for reliable solutions that aid them in overcoming some of these challenges. One of these solutions that have proven to be successful among mobile subscribers is the Missed Call Alert solution; the one call completion application, which is suitable for any mobile user always keeping the subscriber connected and aware of who might have called him/her.

Many regions of the world choose not to use voicemail for personal, cultural or financial reasons (e.g. pre-paid users). As a result, no network operators benefit from 100% voicemail penetration. Diyar United Company’s Missed Call Alert solution “from Intervoice” is an extremely valuable tool in supplementing voicemail to provide the highest possible levels of call completion. In addition, some operators use missed call notifications to stimulate voicemail adoption and/or generate incremental advertising revenues.

Missed Call Alert (MCA) provides the means for service providers to send their non-voicemail subscribers an SMS notification of missed calls, complete with calling number and time of call, thereby stimulating call return revenues and associated network traffic. Solution Key Features

The following are the features of the DUC Missed Call Alert solution:
  • Notification of multiple missed calls including time, date, calling number

  • Voicemail "slamdown" feed activation interface (XML)

  • Class of service-based features

  • SMPP and UCP/EMI interface to external SMSC

  • Unicode Language Support

  • Support for on-board or in-network Announcements

  • Support for CLIP/CLIR restriction

  • High Availability Option

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