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During the past years, IT infrastructures experienced significant growth due to distributed computing environments and inexpensive more robust servers. This distributing environment provided companies with greater flexibility and faster build-outs for their IT infrastructure, regarding most facets of their business. Whether it is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, e-mail systems, customer relationship, warehouse data information, or corporate websites, all of these activities are serviced and managed through distributed IT infrastructures.


Our Solution aims at managing, optimizing, and automating distributed operating systems, servers, storage, networks, middleware and hardware all to speed the attainment of Business Service Management


The challenges that system administrators are facing with regards to deploying and managing these distributed IT infrastructures range from the cost and efforts involved in the manual system administration and the difficulty in managing new technology adoptions (i.e. Blades and Virtual Servers), to the reliability, quality of service, security risks and finally, the ability to respond to business requirements and needs with the right information at the right time. Moreover, while the disciplines of IT operations and security management are converging, the point products, consoles and tools keep multiplying and increasing in cost and complexity.

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IT Infrastructure Systems Management involves configuration, maintenance (with enhancement and service updates), monitoring and administration of server hardware and line of business applications (application servers, database servers, active directory, e-mailing system, etc….), and associated network connectivity throughout their lifecycle. Also including initial deployment, delivery of software, ongoing maintenance and support, and retirement. Diyar United Company’s (DUC) IT Infrastructure Systems Management solution helps system administrators meet the challenges of managing, optimizing, and automating distributed operating systems, servers, storage, networks, middleware and hardware in order to speed the attainment of Business Service Management scheme. Our IT Infrastructure Systems Management solution helps in simplifying networks and systems management by monitoring and overseeing system performance and availability across the entire environment.

DUC IT Infrastructure Systems Management solutions are built on top of Microsoft System Center, BMC Patrol or IBM Tivoli and offers the following benefits among many others:
  • Improve productivity and availability of business processes, people, and IT assets
  • Provide an easy-to-use monitoring and management environment that monitors thousands of events
  • Monitor performance across hundreds of operating systems and applications to provide a single view of the health of an organization’s IT environment
  • View server’s health which is the key to a rapid and agile response to events
  • Monitor the ever-expanding network of systems since more enterprises are implementing Service Level Management
  • Monitor your hardware and software components in real-time, detect performance problems and remediate them before failures occur.
  • Establish performance thresholds, configure alerts, and leverage remote connection to keep systems up and running
  • Plan your maintenance needs with historical performance reports and data analysis
  • Optimize system throughput by monitoring predefined performance criteria and usage patterns
  • Reduce IT staffing expenses by streamlining the tasks of network management
  • Automatically generate alarms and send them via e-mail or pagers to designated support staff
  • Offer small businesses the benefits of non-stop system monitoring plus expertise in troubleshooting without being required to pay for a large, in-house service group
  • Improve the reliability of business-critical servers by automatically detecting and helping to fix problems before they can bring down a computer

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