Diyar United provides Health care management systems (HCMIS) to Kuwait and GCC, also known as Meditch Flagship that uses Electronic Patient and Medical Record solutions.
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Our Solution offers a comprehensive, integrated information system designed to provide fast, accurate and timely information to hospital medical staff who in turn can deliver better health care to their patients.


Health institutions build their success and earn their trust through their strategic location, soundness of their operations, and efficiency of their management systems. One of the major factors determining the effectiveness of a health institution includes patient care management and patient satisfaction.

Diyar United Company’s (DUC) Hospital Information System solution is based on Meditech Flagship Health Care Management Information System (HCMIS). Meditech is a comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage the administrative and clinical aspects of a hospital and provide fast, accurate and timely information to hospital medical staff that can in turn, deliver better health care to its patients.

This solution has numerous benefits for the business, user and patient. Following is a summary of its benefits:

Solution Benefits

  • Fully integrated system that delivers high class patient care

  • Comprehensive solution covering departments’ administrative and clinical work

  • Complete Electronic Patient Record (EPR)

  • Leverage in the quality standards of the provided services by applying various quality measures that can be monitored to ensure and enhance the quality levels

  • Economical usage of facilities, equipment, and human resources

  • Support for management decisions through providing data repository to build statistical reports and structure risk management components

User Benefits

  • Full access to all patient data through the Electronic Patient Record unified interface including demographic data, medications, laboratory results, radiology test reports, etc…

  • Full access to patient historical data through the Electronic Patient Record unified interface

  • Integration between various related modules

  • Sharing of information and second opinions

  • Web access with user-friendly graphical user interface

  • Ability to integrate with other hospitals and/or systems

Patient Benefits

  • Enhances the service level by providing the treating staff with comprehensive and up-to-date patient information
  • Saves time on each step of the treatment such as:
  • - Registration as the patient data would be already recorded in the system

    - No wait time for paper file to arrive during physician’s visit

    - Laboratory/radiology results are instantaneously transmitted to the Electronic Patient Record upon issuance from Laboratory or Radiology departments

    - Eliminating unnecessary waiting time since the pharmacy will receive the prescription instantaneously when entered by the physician

  • Maintaining a single comprehensive and streamlined Electronic Patient Record

The following is a diagram clarifying the solution’s main components:

Health Solutions

Solution’s Main Modules:

  • Electronic Medical/Patient Record (EMR/EPR)
  • Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT)
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • Scheduling
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Operating Theatre Management
  • Other modules including physiotherapy, auxiliary services, reporting system,…etc

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