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Financial and Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management is a framework for organizing, automating and analyzing business methodologies, metrics, processes and systems that drive business to better performance. A deep understanding of the factors that influence an organization’s action is needed in order to improve its performance.


Our Solution brings context and direction to your business intelligence initiatives and support a continuous process for improvement, do more than just manage the performance of your organization

Organizations that rely on a few shallow capabilities for performance management, often find it difficult to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues, identify business opportunities, make agile decisions and sustain profitable growth.

Diyar United Company (DUC) has formed a partnership with SAS Inc. bringing to its customers the SAS for Performance Management, which provides the broadest and deepest range of offerings for performance management. SAS Performance Management software helps organizations bring context and direction to their business intelligence initiatives and supports a continuous process for improvement.

Key benefits

SAS Performance Management offers organizations the flexibility to implement any number of performance methodologies, from a balanced scorecard to Baldrige, Six Sigma or any other customized framework. Whether or not your organization chooses to adopt one of these methodologies, SAS’s capabilities for performance management provides a number of powerful benefits discussed below:

Better align resources with strategies.
When you understand which measures drive your business, you can begin to align operations toward those drivers. Predictive score carding capabilities allows you to tie traditional scorecard features such as traffic lights and speedometers, to powerful predictive analytics.

Synchronize financial and operational strategies.
Collaborate on the development of scenarios and associated budgets. With one integrated solution for financial planning, budgeting and reporting, SAS gives you the ability to create more frequent, accurate forecasts, ensure financial transparency and publish reports more quickly. Dynamic consolidation also ensures that the latest information is always available for decision makers and regulatory agencies.

Quickly respond to business and market changes.
At-a-glance dashboard visuals ensure that you have the most efficient access to your organization’s current status. Automatic alerts inform you immediately of important events. You can also view cause-and-effect relationships between events, which help illustrate results in the proper context. A diagram editor makes it easy for you to visualize strategies and process flows. All these capabilities are offered through one integrated solution.

Ensure a single view of enterprise information.
To ensure a clean, consistent view of information within each department, SAS’s performance management offerings are all built on the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform. This platform offers unmatched data integration, storage, business intelligence and analytics, so you can always be confident that your choices will deliver the expected results.

Identify the true value of customers, products and channels.
Profitability management creates highly accurate profitability metrics from detailed transactional data that drive strategic decision making and instill confidence in your performance management programs. SAS creates drillable P&L reports that allow you to choose the level of detail needed to make your most critical business decisions.

Reduce costs without compromising profitability.
SAS provides activity-based management to let you get a complete operational view of cost and cost drivers.

In addition, SAS provides a number of focused business solutions to enable performance management in various departments within an organization :

  • IT:Clarify the real costs and value of information assets, and identify the best projects and strategies to maximize that value.
  • Human Resources: Offers a holistic view of workforce in order to better analyze and optimize human capital.
  • Finance:a cohesive, holistic perspective of true costs, profitability, regulatory compliance, forecast scenarios and optimization strategies.
  • Customer intelligence:Understand customer behavior, risk and profitability in order to drive more effective offers and marketing campaigns.
  • Marketing performance management: Understand, align and improve the performance of marketing efforts, as well as quantify how marketing contributes to the company’s overall success.
  • Procurement :Analyze and spend supplier performance, in order to make strategic sourcing decisions and optimize supplier base.

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