IT ( information technology ), Business process automation for the best companies in kuwait. Diyar United offers solutions that transforms your business into an e-business by automating your business workflow and process flow automation not to mention business process security, business process reports, bpmn tools, work flow engine, enquires and reports and security.
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arr e-Government Business Process Automation Solution

The increase in market demands has driven businesses to seek ways that can realize significant cost reductions and increase shareholder value by automating business process flows, eliminating non value-adding human interventions, and allowing enterprise applications to communicate and share information intelligently and seamlessly.

At Diyar United Company (DUC) we define business process automation as technology components substituting and/or supplementing manual processes to manage information flow within an organization. Thus, contributing to lower costs, reduce risks, and increase consistency.


Our Solution transforms your business into an e-business thereby refining the way your government services performs its services


DUC Business Process Automation solution transforms your business into an e-business which involves changing the technology and processes to quickly respond to different actions, giving businesses the flexibility and support they need. It allows complete process representation that can cross organizational, as well as company boundaries. The solution gives organizations the ability to incorporate the collection of management metric data in order to evaluate them against their performance goals. Furthermore, workflow processes can be easily adapted over time allowing organizations to acquire the knowledge they need in order to alter and refine their organization’s processes; hence, continuously refining business operations. The solution’s workflow maintains a complete audit trail of processing data for more accurate and reliable time and cost analysis.


The diagram below shows the e-Government Business Process Automation solution components:

Business Process Automation

  • Business Rule Engine: Business rules describe the structure, operation, and strategy of an organization’s business process. A business rule engine lets you separate application codes from business rules, maintain rules in a central/shareable repository, and promote consistent decision making.

  • Application Integration Platform: This platform ensures automation, which in turn secures that all business processes can seamlessly communicate and exchange information without manual intervention.

  • Email Integration: The integration provides the facility of sending e-mail messages for each new incoming request.

  • SMS Integration: The integration provides the facility of sending SMS messages for each incoming request.

  • File Management Integration: The integration provides a very powerful file management tool that enables the user to attach a number of different types of documents to any process.

  • Smart Forms Integration: The integration provides the facility of introducing smart forms and allows the users to interact with systems more efficiently and in a controlled manner. The component is using the Adobe Smart Forms technology.

  • Workflow Engine: Powerful and flexible work flow engine that utilizes features and functions of the Oracle Workflow.

  • Common Data Interchange Standards: In order to lower costs through automation on the long-term, enterprises need a common, XML-based data interchange standard that reduces development and maintenance efforts.

  • Queries & Reports: The module provides comprehensive view of data that enables administrators to control and the users to search and retrieve data in a unified algorithm.

  • Security:The component ensures security over the various components of the solution by granting data access authorization (based on employee position), validating approvals electronically, and granting process launching authorizations to certain users.


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