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In the world today, telecommunications is playing a major role in bridging the gap between customers and organizations in so many different ways. Business correspondences, telemarketing, mass mobile and SMS marketing, are some of the tools that businesses utilize in order to achieve their goals of communicating with the client. One of those successful tools is the online mobile portal platform. With an online mobile portal, organizations can reach their clients anywhere and anytime. Users can access all the information they require using their mobile phones. With ChangingWorlds Mobile Portal solution, organizations (public or private) will reach their clients, providing them with a rich user experience that is tailored and customized to meet the user’s needs.


Our Solution is a unique carrier grade mobile internet platform designed to increase usage of, and
revenues from, the mobile internet


Diyar United Company (DUC) provides state-of-art mobile portal technologies from ChangingWorlds with a wide range of offerings. These offerings are all integrated in one package solution that is the ClixSmart Intelligent Portal Platform. It is a unique carrier grade mobile internet platform designed to increase usage of, and revenues from, the mobile internet. This is done by targeting all types of personalized information services over the mobile, from personalized portal navigation to smarter search, and highly targeted mobile advertising to ensure that mobile subscribers enjoy content and services that are relevant to their needs.



ClixSmart provides mobile operators, governments and enterprises with a modular end to end portal solution comprising multi-portal management, intuitive content discovery, intelligent content delivery, and advanced business intelligence capabilities. It provides all of the essential elements to enable mobile network operators, governments and enterprises, offering a compelling and differentiating mobile internet service.

ChangingWorlds Mobile Portal offers a wide range of offerings from the ClixSmart product suite, which includes:

  • Personalized Content Discovery

ClixSmart’s personalized content discovery applications create a dynamic portal with enhanced usability and relevance, to offer the best possible user experience.

  • Dynamic Content Collection

ClixSmart dynamically imports content from third party content providers onto the wireless portal, thus extending the benefits of personalization to off-portal content providers and increasing revenue from sales of partner content.

  • Intuitive Multi-Portal Management

ClixSmart’s intuitive multi-portal management tools reduce portal administration overheads and provide faster time-to-market with new services.

  • High Performance Content Delivery

ClixSmart’s high performance rendering and trans-coding engine dynamically adapts content to ensure optimal presentation on the handset.

  • Advanced Business Intelligence

ClixSmart provides up-to-the-minute reporting on all portal activity, offering invaluable business intelligence to enable profitable and timely decision making.
With ChangingWorlds Mobile Portal solution, organizations gain the following benefits:

  • Increase the number of users accessing the portal and using the various services offered.

  • Boost average revenue per users (ARPU) due to high portal traffic.

  • Provide a customized portal for users that is dynamically managed and generated based on user’s preferences and selections.

  • Reduce the amount of time spent on finding information on the portal for users.

  • Improve usability and increase customer satisfaction


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