ConVerge POS solution will benefit telecommunication companies and operators in Kuwait by the doing the following: initiate customer activation and account payments from retail locations. Transactions generated using the sales, cash, and inventory management features of ConVerge, accounting distributions, billing system, Oracle EBS. It is considered best branch Automation Solution In kuwait.
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ConVerge Branch Automation Solution

Today, the key factor that contributes to the success of telecommunication operators in a competitive market, is maintaining a close and reliable relationship with their customers through a comprehensive network of services delivered from various retail outlets and branches conveniently located in strategic areas. Another factor that contributes to operators’ success is the ability to attend to their customer’s needs efficiently, and quickly activate services. However, the above mentioned factors can be achieved only through a powerful, yet flexible point-of-sale (POS) solution.

Diyar United Company’s (DUC) ConVerge POS solution is designed to streamline and automate a telecommunication operator’s sales and activation process through a comprehensive set of features in order to better meet the demands of their customers.


Our Solution streamlines and automates the sales and activation process enabling efficient management for a superior customer experience


DUC ConVerge POS is the leading integrated solution for point of sales and business operations for the retail, direct, and telemarketing channels. ConVerge POS provides carriers with a single solution for customer acquisition and provides an accurate and end-to-end view of the businesses, enabling operators to manage inventory and cash efficiently. In addition, sales personnel have the information and functionality they need to provide rapid activation of service and deliver superior customer experience.

DUC ConVerge POS solution features a unique functional strength and seamless integration with various Billing and Customer Care systems, enabling operators to initiate customer activation and account payments from retail locations. Transactions generated using the sales, cash, and inventory management features of ConVerge are processed as accounting distributions and passed to the billing system and Oracle EBS for the general ledger.

Moreover, DUC ConVerge POS solution provides quick and easy translation of the entire application through an architecture designed to support any single-byte language. In addition, local preferences such as date formats, currencies, and number formats are completely configurable.

The application can be deployed on workstations or on an application server such as Citrix providing Internet or Intranet-based access.

DUC ConVerge POS solution allows businesses to:

  • Provision multiple services for telecommunications operators in one order.

  • Provide seamless activation by integrating with various credit scoring and billing systems.

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs.

  • Decrease fraud at point-of-sale.

  • Lower inventory costs and write offs.

DUC ConVerge POS system architecture is shown below:

Business Process Automation

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