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Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse

As businesses automate systems, more and more data is now available and the amount of this data increases every day. However, data retention remains a long-standing challenge and obtaining knowledge and information from that data to make intelligent decisions is another challenge.

Our solution offers BI systems that aim to provide historical, current, and predictive views
of business operations


Data warehouse technologies have set up repositories to store the vast amount of data that has become available due to the development in business standards and technologies. Improved Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) applications and Enterprise Application Integration tools have increased the speed of collecting data. OLAP reporting technologies have allowed faster generation of news reports which analyze the data. Business Intelligence (BI) solutions have now become the art of sifting through large amounts of data, extracting pertinent information, and turning that information into knowledge from which actions can be taken.

BI systems aim to provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations, most often using data that has been gathered into a data warehouse or a data mart and occasionally working from operational data. Software elements support reporting, interactive "slice-and-dice" pivot-table analyses, visualization, and statistical data mining. Moreover, applications tackle sales, production, financial, and many other sources of business data for purposes that include, notably, business performance management.

Diyar United Company (as a systems integrator and a service provider) has invested in SAS Inc. as its gold alliance partner to provide customers with SAS Business Intelligence software that incorporates the ability to mine data, analyze, and report. SAS Business Intelligence gives organizations the information they need in the format they need. These solutions also give the modern BI software user the ability to cross-analyze and perform deep data research rapidly for better analysis of sales or performance on an individual, department, or company level. With our implementation of business intelligence software, managers are able to quickly compile reports from data for forecasting, analysis, and business decision-making.

In summary, these solutions integrate data from across the enterprise and deliver self-service reporting and analysis, thus enabling IT to spend less time responding to requests, and business users to spend less time looking for information, so more time is spent on making better, more informed decisions.

Featured Solution: Datawarehouse (Intelligent Storage)

Traditionally, IT organizations have focused their data storage strategies on the timely and reliable collection of data resulting in the widespread adoption of relational database management systems. But increasing demands for analytic and business intelligence applications are placing an unprecedented strain on these systems, which were not designed to search large tables for small amounts of user requested data or to produce the summarized reports demanded by today’s business users.

SAS Intelligence Storage delivers an open, flexible platform for business intelligence and analytic intelligence applications that makes optimal use of existing hardware technology that is easily integrated within existing ETL processes, and delivers a lower cost of ownership for your organization. It is the only storage platform that delivers a combination of storage options designed from the outset to support business and analytic intelligence applications.

With SAS Intelligence Storage, different storage technologies are combined in a single integrated platform without sacrificing the individual benefits of those technologies. This integrated platform delivers information to business intelligence and analytical applications using the storage technology best suited to each application as follows:

  • SAS data sets offer a high level of flexibility required for many data mining models

  • A reduced overhead database server provides fast access to small subsets of very large tables

  • OLAP data storage delivers fast access to summarized views of large data sets

  • All of these technologies are seamlessly integrated through a common metadata layer to provide the best possible performance for analytic and business intelligence applications .




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