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Corporate Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility Policy Statement

In providing the best solutions and services, Diyar united company is committed to conduct its business in a socially responsible manner, ensuring adherence to fair business ethics, legality and safety. Diyar United Company proactively supports initiatives leading to the well-being of the community and environment, while striving toward highest standards of professionalism.

Career fairs Participation

At Diyar, recruitment is not about filling vacancies, it is an ongoing process of ‘Talent Acquisition’ where the skills, experience and knowledge of potential candidates are matched with the requirements to achieve an efficient hiring process . Diyar’s effective participations in a number of career fairs in Kuwait & in the Middle East has facilitated in acquiring this major objective that further translates into achieving Diyar’s vision and mission.

Diyar Social Activities

Diyar is very sensitive towards its corporate social responsibility and leaves no stones unturned to perform the required duties in this regard. Several social activities have been conducted throughout the year for the employees and their families. These activities include but are not limited to Sport Tournaments, Away Day Camps, Running Marathons, Gaming Tournaments & other activities that strengthens the bond between the Employees & the society.


Diyar has always embraced its responsibility towards society with open arms and empathetic heart. Where donations of all types have been the part of Diyar’s social initiatives that supports the Society’s Health & Welfare. Diyar has donated complete PC sets to various schools for students & teachers to fulfil its responsibility towards society’s academic & technological needs. Moreover, every year an organized blood donation campaign is conducted in association with Kuwait Central Blood Bank. All employees of Diyar participate in this donation as it is not only considered as a healthy practice but also helps those in needs.

Ramadan Activities

The Holy month of Ramadan inculcates the spirit of sharing and generosity, which makes it a special time of the year in Diyar. Several events are arranged in this month amongst employees and their families that further enriches the homely atmosphere in the company. This includes Gergean celebrations for employees’ kids, breakfast meals and a football tournament, which is organized to promote a healthy lifestyle. These events are occasions of enjoyment and fun for the employees and their families which is another milestone achieved by Diyar towards community service.

Sponsorships & internships Programs

Diyar believes that if the capabilities of young generation are given right direction at a right time, then their career growth will increase significantly, which serves the path towards a promising future. Diyar assists to achieve this goal by investing & sponsoring graduation projects for the university students. Moreover, organizing summer internship programs to help them gaining the necessary knowledge, skills and experience, which can in turn support them in their career path.

Environmental Initiatives

Since Diyar is certified against ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and environment is considered as a primary factor for the organization’s success & society’s wellbeing. Maintaining a clean and safe environment is a major objective at Diyar which is achieved by several initiatives like paper recycling in association with Kuwait Waste & Recycling Company. Diyar has also developed an E-waste Policy to dispose all electronic equipment in an environmental friendly manner and has started the initiative for planting palms, trees, & flowers for greening the facilities.

Annual Umrah trip

One of the community services that Diyar offers to its employees is conducting a free raffle draws for Umrah trips. Diyar manages employee’s transportation, accommodation & allowances to ensure proper facilitation to fulfill the rituals & enjoy such a spiritual experience.

Wellness Programs

Diyar takes utmost interest in spreading and promoting the culture of health and safety amongst its employees. Keeping this in view, wellness programs are arranged in association with health clubs where employees and their families can enjoy spa care, fitness activities at reasonable prices for adults and kids.

I care

Volunteering work helps understand the society and fosters empathy & self-efficacy in individuals. Diyar is certified against ISO 26000:2010 Social Responsibility guidelines, which also means that community service is considered a priority in Diyar. The commencement of “I-Care” program speaks volumes about the sensitivity of this factor in the company. This program is in affiliation with a non-profit organization that helps in developing initial plans which raises the awareness of volunteer work and connect individuals to volunteering opportunities. It further helps to and nurture their skills to serve the society in an effective manner.

Employees Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is considered as a vital step towards enhancement of processes and services at Diyar. Keeping this in view, the satisfaction of employees is measured through employee satisfaction surveys at regular timings. Where feedback helps to enhance the continual improvement process and the overall productivity of employees through the planned objectives set against the results obtained.

Employee Engagement

Organization with high levels of employee engagements are considered to bemore efficient and effective. Diyar keeps the employees engaged in process and services through Employee satisfaction surveys, grievance handling, suggestions & complaint boxes. Where employee’s responses and suggestions are analyzed, leading to the improvement of policies and procedures to achieve a win-win situation for employees and the company.

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